Tresa Scalise – Professionally Recognized Special Educator

Tresa Scalise obtained a B.A. from West Virginia Tech,M.A. degrees from the University of Kentucky and West Virginia University, and studied art history at the Universita Italiana per Stranieri in Italy. She served as a special education teacher, diagnostician, principal, and consultant for local school districts as well as a trainer for the WV State Department of Education.  Her expertise as an educator is in remediation of learning disabilities, behavior management, intellectually and artistically gifted and talented, and legal aspects of special education.  Additionally, she is quite adept at using computer technology as a teaching tool and has received recognition from the Council for Exceptional Children as a Professionally Recognized Special Educator.  She is published in a well-known teacher-training textbook, Strategies for Managing Behavioral Problems in the Classroom.  Her various professional accomplishments also include being a certified hearing officer in the state of West Virginia and contributing to a PBS series on behavior management. Email:


One of Ms. Tresa’s students, Sean Gallagher, was awarded the recognition of becoming an Eagle Scout, which is the most esteemed award given by the Boy Scouts of America. When a scout is given the Eagle Scout award, he also receives an Eagle Scout Mentor Pin, to be given by the scout to a person of his choosing who has been especially influential in his life. Ms. Tresa was so honored to receive the Mentor Pin from Sean.





Dr. Alice D’Antoni Phillips received her B.A. and M.A. from Marshall University in Elementary and Special Education and earned her Doctor of Education from the University of South Carolina.  She continues to earn post-graduate training in areas, such as,  neuropsychology through the Reitan Neuropsychology program, the brain and learning and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder through Harvard University’s Continuing Education Program and with noted experts, such as, Dr Russell Barkley.  Dr. Alice’s professional experience ranges from teaching in both special and regular education, working as a School Psychologist and Supervisor, serving on state department committees for developing licensing testing for teachers, and serving as a consultant and grant writer to school districts on a variety of educational issues and concerns.




Carol Boyd obtained a B.S. degree from Winthrop College , majoring in Biology with minors in Chemistry, Physics and Math.  After working in Material Science research in an industrial setting for seven years, Carol returned to school at Coastal Carolina University, Conway, SC,  to complete a degree in Chemistry.  In her first semester as a student, CCU Chemistry department offered Carol a position as Laboratory manager.  Carol has been with CCU for over 7 years, coordinating all of the teaching laboratories for General and Organic Chemistry.  Carol has also taken extensive courses in English with an emphasis in scientific writing.  She served as a technical writer while in industry and also spent a semester as a writing consultant in CCU’s Writing Center. Email: