Congratulations Sean Gallagher for attaining the rank of Eagle Scout!

We’re so very proud of Tommy Tobin!

“Georgetown Law Student Named Mitchell Scholar”

Tobin graduated in 2010 with distinction from Stanford University, where he double majored in international relations and history. He was a recipient of the Deans’ Award for Academic Accomplishment and the Lyons Award for University Service. Read full article:

From left: Laurence Eggart, Ms. Tresa, Nathalie Valdema, Pierro Valdema

Ms. Tresa happily attended the college graduation party for Nathalie Valdema, a student from Haiti who is preparing to enter medical school. Pictured with Ms. Tresa and Nathalie are Nathalie’s brother Pierro, who will graduate next year from Coastal Carolina, and another former student Laurence Eggart who is a junior at Wake Forest. Laurence’s parents, Dr. Jeff Eggart and Dr. Jeanne Fourier, led a group of families who supported the Valdema mission in Haiti and provided room, board, clothing, educational necessities, and loving support for Nathalie and Pierro to be educated in the United States. Ms. Tresa is honored to have been a part of the team that is making Nathalie’s dream of becoming a doctor a reality. For more information go to Shelter Haiti on Facebook or the following link.


“You and your staff have always been readily available
and a constant source of support.” ~Ellen

“Working with you was a defining moment in the direction I would later take in life (scholastically and career-wise), and I can’t thank you enough for your influence.” ~Matt

The professional care and concern we received at Education RX
was exceptional. Dr. Alice and Ms. Tresa tested our son to help
us determine why he was struggling and then they developed and
taught him coping strategies to help him accommodate his
learning disability. They were not only there for our son,
but also for us, his parents, to guide and encourage us when
we were frustrated and anxious about our son’s disability and
what that might mean for his future.” ~Dr. Mike & Lee

“We could never put into words our thanks to express how much
we appreciate you. You came into our daughter’s life when she
needed someone to care about her needs individually.”
~Peggy and Rhett

“The concern, countless and patient hours along with care,
organization and motivation you have given to our son have helped
to shape who he is today. The personalization and concern you
show your students is what makes all of you unique and special.” ~Sonja

“Hello. I hope you remember me. I am Christy XXXXX, and you tutored my daughter a couple of years ago. You told her about Flagler College and she rushed home that night to check it out online. Well, I am thrilled to inform you that YOU were responsible for helping our daughter make one of the biggest decisions of her life to date. SHE WAS ACCEPTED TO FLAGLER!!! She has always struggled as you konw. I am attaching her essay that I believe got her accepted. We appreciate you being you as you make such powerful difference in the lives of these young people….helping them with there self-worth, self-esteem and of course academics too:) Many blessing to you….~Christy

  • Kerry increased SAT score 240 points
  • Matt attended West Point Leaders Seminar
  • Nicholas scored 99% pre-IB English
  • Franklin Outstanding Student AP Government
  • Tim receives early acceptance to Clemson
  • Kelsey wins Science Fair
  • Gabrielle publishes in Charleston Today
  • Michelle is accepted to Physician Assistant Program
  • Ben receives Duke Tip Grand Recognition Medal
  • Kathleen & O’Bryan accepted to law school
  • Kathleen wins Miss North Charleston USA