Tutorial services at  Education Rx are offered in the standard subject areas of Mathematics, Reading, English/Language Arts, Social Studies/History, Science, and SAT/ACT Preparation.  Depending upon the client’s needs, the number of sessions per week is determined.  The majority of tutoring sessions are private; however, some semi-private sessions are offered depending upon qualifying factors. SAT  workshops are held to accommodate groups of 10.



The process of beginning a tutoring/academic coaching program involves:

 1.Consultation to review  student’s academic history, needs, and goals

 2.Outline of an expectation  plan based upon goals

3.Reviewing plan and program  with the designated tutor

4.Scheduling the client

Tutorial/Academic Coaching  services are offered to students of all ages (pre-school through college/graduate school) and can be aimed at remedial, maintenance, or  enrichment intervention. We have offered tutorial and  coaching services in a variety of areas including subject area material, resume preparation, standardized testing, professional entry exam testings and  licensing exam testing. 

 Please inquire as to your particular needs…if we can’t help, we will help to steer you in the right direction!



We offer testing, academic coaching, workshops all with a dedication to the individual student. Find out more here.