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Building Success…One Client at a Time

   We have been providing private tutoring and testing services to students along the Grand Strand and in the Southeast for more than 25 years.Since inception, our primary mode of marketing and advertising has been and is our clients who walk out our doors every day and, of course, ‘word of mouth.’ Our strong ethic of honesty and candor with clients and parents in combination with the most skilled, compassionate, experienced and dedicated professionals have worked for Education Rx all these years. It is simple and straight forward. It never goes out of style.

Our website will explain services we offer, and we’ve got other cool stuff on here like keeping you posted on current research and informative data in education and parenting.

You’ll want to come back occasionally just to check out all that’s happening, what our clients are saying, interesting information on education-related issues, and testimonials at the link “You Gotta See This.” We are always changing the information there…and our best advertising comes from our clients, so look at what they are saying about us. The bottom line purpose of Education Rx is to help shape and direct clients to their individual peak performance(s).

If you can’t find what you came for at the website, please drop us an e-mail, and we’ll see what we can do.

Education Rx—dedicated to the art and science of teaching and learning.

Dr. Alice D’Antoni Phillips
Founder of Education Rx



We offer testing, academic coaching, workshops all with a dedication to the individual student. Find out more here.